Adorn your body and celebrate your femininity with understanding and intention. Our collection of waist beads are crafted with special beads made from clay, glass, crystals beads, gemstones, and colors that are connected to healing frequencies and properties. Waist beads can serve as a symbolic blessing and protection of the womb encompassing the physical and the energetic light body. 

Purple Spirituality, intuition,  Power, Royalty, wisdom, perception divinity and deep connections connected to the Third Eye chakra (1st eye)

Indigo/Blue – Serenity, harmony,  calming, healing, patience and truth associated with  Crown/Throat Chakra

Teal/Turquoise – Communication , flow , peace, and self-awareness Throat Chakra

Green – Abundance, Bliss, fertility, nature, health, prosperity, emotional healing, receptivity connected to the Heart Chakra

Yellow  – Energy, joy, mental clarity, intuition, wealth, nourishment, self care, healthy boundaries, balance, and confidence associated with the Solar Plexus

Orange – Courage, creativity, energy, vitality, happiness, self-confidence, emotional stability and magnetism connected to the Sacral Chakra

Fuchsia/ Pink – Femininity, compassion, beauty, love, optimism, manifestation, passion, healing ,receptivity, and kindness

Red – activate, purify, energize, ground, love, passion, trust, strength, power, sensuality and vitality connected to the root Chakra

Black – Power, protection, silence, stillness, grounding, stability, regeneration, rebirth connected to the Root Chakra

Brown – Earth, grounding, security and stability

Gold –  Good health, success, courage, power, wealth,  sun energy and setting boundaries

White – Light, truth, purity, purifying and new beginnings

Silver – Wisdom,  wealth, meditation, divine feminine, self reflection and intuition moon energy

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~Nikola Tesla